James & Michelle Harper(non-registered)
Thank you Graham for the wonderful job on our wedding pictures! The time you spent with us to make sure we captured everything we wanted was very much appreciated. The pictures are beautiful!
No words actually. I only can say you are amazing!!
You've got perfect EYE :)

Deb Bly of Deb's Inviting Interiors LLC(non-registered)
Donna Mancini Staging & Redesign and I worked on a home design project and needed photos to compliment our work. Graham did an awesome job capturing all the design elements into the photos which is very difficult, especially in small spaces. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly he had our photos ready and now we have professional photos to display to potential clients. We hope to have him work with us on future projects.
Herb & Terri Youngkin(non-registered)
What a beautiful addition to the Legends entrance. It is a wonderful tribute
to all who fought for our country. We can't wait to see it when we return to
the Legends in May. Pictures are great and I think they capture a wonderful
day. A job well done by all!!
Lisa Nadeau (Stephanie & Tony's wedding)(non-registered)
Graham came to our daughter's wedding as a guest, but little did I know that he would play such an important part. We had hired a photographer, but I am so very glad that we had Graham's pictures to fall back on. His photograpy skills definitely showed a more artitistic flair. When we viewed the album that he had prepared and presented to us as a gift, very quickly after the wedding if I may add, we were so amazed by the pictures that he had captured, little moments that would have been lost if not for his skill with a camera. Yeah, the hired photographer got the required wedding pictures that you would expect, but Graham's photographs and his album arrangement unfolded like a story of this most special day that we will now have forever.
Bles Fuata, PRINCE PELE'S POLYNESIAN REVUE(non-registered)
Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to have been at the same event as Graham where he was the photographer. I was amazed at how beautiful all the pictures turned out. Graham was able to captivate every feel and motions of our dancers.
Prince Pele’s Polynesian Revue represents many different colorful costumes from several different South Pacific Islands which includes the acrobatic feats of the Samoan Sword Fire Dance, and Graham was able to take such captivating photos.
Graham have been in several of our events and he never seize to amaze me at how great all his photos always turn out with such great quality.
We wish him success in his future endeavors and highly recommend him as your next photographer for any event. Graham is versatile, professional and most importantly, an excellent photographer
Carol Carnicelli(non-registered)
I've seen Graham's work first hand when we worked together on stories for the World Golf Village Community Journal. I continue to enjoy his work with the paper. He's covered a variety of events in the World Golf Village and surrounding areas, including the space program, the World Golf Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, great golf course photos, IMAX special artist series and even "breakfast with the bunny" at IMAX to name a few. And even with all that, I was most impressed with the wedding photos friends showed me that Graham took. They were something out of a fairytale. Just beautiful. He's quite versatile -- has a "magic eye" and is a pleasure to work with. I can see family portraits as another specialty for Graham. If you have a special event to capture, you may want to book him today to be sure the date is open!
Lloyd Behrendt, Blue Sawtooth Studio(non-registered)
I have had the real pleasure of working alongside Graham at the Kennedy Space Center as we cover the US Space Program. I find him very conscientious about his work, and having been shooting photos for over 40 years professionally, I immediately saw that Graham has innate talent -- the 'eye' as I call it, that make him one of the best. I am sure his talent will continue to grow along with his new venture, and his clients will be pleased with the memories he captures for them. I look forward to watching!
Nancy Mull(non-registered)
When our eldest daughter got married, Graham was a guest at the wedding. Since he never went anywhere without a camera, he brought it with him and took pictures. And he took more pictures. Then he took more pictures. By the time we got back home, he had already posted the photos on the net for us to see (900+), even before the photographer we had hired had posted his. Graham's photos were very professional - great quality, with lots of candid shots and special effects.

Bottom line, Graham and his wife will not only be guests at our middle daughter's wedding, but this time we will HIRE him!
Ancient City Photography
Graham Martin has served as the primary photographer for the World Golf
Village Community Journal for several years. During my three years as editor
of that publication, I have found Graham to be a tremendous asset to the

He has shown a great deal of dedication and imagination. Graham is always
suggesting great story ideas to center around his photos. He is not
satisfied with a snapshot, but would rather get involved with the subject
and present it from a unique and appealing angle.

He has an eye for capturing an image with great composition and artistic
value. His knowledge and use of lighting to enhance his photos are rare
talents. He knows how to bring out the warm tones of a subject or use
harsher contrast to highlight and add impact.

Graham Martin is dependable, easy to work with and will listen to your needs
and desires. I would recommend him for any photo assignment that requires a
professional photographer.

Norm Leno
Editor, World Golf Village Community Journal
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